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Heritage Seed Library

Conserving and providing vegetable varieties that are not widely available
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Garden Organic's Heritage Seed Library (HSL) maintains a collection of, mainly European, vegetable varieties. Over the decades many varieties have been dropped from popular seed catalogues. Our collection contains many of these, but also local varieties and and a large number of family heirloom varieties that have never been in a catalogue.

In 2008 the Heritage Seed Library was awarded National Collection status by the National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens (NCCPG)

European legislation prevents the sale of unlisted vegetable seeds. The Heritage Seed Library allows subscribing members access to the collection through the publication of an annual Catalogue. Members can select six free packets of seeds from around 200 listed varieties each year.

For conservation purposes a sample of all of the varieties in the collection is held in a cold storage facility. However, we are not a gene bank and once we have sufficient seed of any variety it will be made available to our members.

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